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The Agrasen Co-Operative Urban Bank Limited

Agrasen Bank is a leading co-operative Bank in Hyderabad with its operations driven by a cutting edge Banking IT platform designed specifically for co-operative sector. The Bank offers personalized banking and financial solutions to its clients in the retail and corporate banking arena through its four branches spread in prominent business areas of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Agrasen Bank, a small Cooperative Bank, which started its journey way back in 1998 with Rs.0.89 Crores Share Capital and Rs.3.04 Crores Deposits has now became a big tree of prosperity touching and enlightening the lives of people, reaping rich dividends from its fruits with Rs.2224.71 Lakhs Share Capital and Rs.42426.13 Lakhs Deposits as on 31/03/2019

The bank believes in orienting its business in line with the needs of its people, the environment and the community at large. The Bank is bound by the guiding principles of honesty, sincerity, confidence and service. It places people before power and treats everyone on par irrespective of caste, creed or colour.

The bank has achieved great heights due to the trust and confidence reposed in it by the people and patrons. Few Highlights are:

Financial Position

Particulars 31/03/2015(Rs. in Lakhs) 31/03/2016(Rs. in Lakhs) 31/03/2017(Rs. in Lakhs) 31/03/2018(Rs. in Lakhs) 31/03/2019(Rs. in Lakhs) Increase / Decrease in %
Share Capital 1054.45 1498.39 1723.67 1840.47 2224.71 20.88%
Deposits 24659.57 30378.68 32351.23 35698.14 42426.13 18.85%
Advances 16598.01 20415.91 21514.76 24487.88 28946.82 18.21%
Reserves 1506.29 1715.28 2001.87 2432.23 2814.43 15.71%
Total Income 2960.45 3498.50 3982.91 4063.99 4414.90 8.63%
Net Profit before income Tax 412.64 647.01 779.23 779.63 968.88 24.27%
Net Profit after income Tax 306.14 415.14 555.99 577.17 701.75 21.58%
Total Business 41257.58 50794.59 53866.00 59186.02 71372.95 20.59%
CRAR 12.85% 13.83% 15.27% 15.65% 15.75% RBI Stipulation minimum
CD Ratio 67.31% 67.20% 66.50% 70.57% 68.23% -2.34
CASA % 15.71% 22.77% 21.39% 17.53% 16.57% -0.96
Net NPA% 2.98% 3.21% 1.57% 0.00% 0.00% --

The Bank strongly believes in ethical values and self discipline to achieve higher standards of Corporate Governance and continues to strive for excellence in operations through transparency and accountability to its Shareholders, Government and others. The Bank has been practicing the principle of good corporate governance over the years. Corporate Governance at the Bank evolved by not only ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements but also by being responsive to customer needs.

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